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The Invitation is a hook of sorts to get you to an event. seminar, party fund raiser or gathering. By using  a hyper creative invite like Lucite, wood or glass, people's interests are automatically piqued solely based on the Invite


    Miss Sixty  Click for Larger

           1/4 crystal clear


click for better view Michelin

1/8" tranlucent red


click for better view  


1/8" cystal clear

   Click for better view

  1/4" crystal  clear

The Clear substrates allows you the opportunity to imprint both sides creating a floating copy effect, while opaque colored items makes the copy POP off the page


Click to see larger image of Glass Invitation

 1/2" Thick Beveled Glass

Polished  Glass  allows you the ability to imprint both sides creating a 3Dimenisional illusion


Wood Invitations

Like this Eagle awards invitation  can be raw wood or stained different  tones and

can be imprinted in metallic inks or printed to resemble a branding iron look.             

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